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On December 8, 2015: my photography exceeded  1/2 million total views, representing both domestic and international fans this week”.   Thank you :) 

After 20 years in technology, I decided to pursue my passion for photography. Digital photography was a logical continuation of my previous techie background. The opportunity to present myself as a “photographer” to the world. 

My style is progressive, built on a model of self-improvement and commitment toachieve success. Photography is an intimacy between photographer and subject, that invites the viewer to experience that relationship. Its incumbent on me to share what I felt and saw, and “the art of light” is a beautiful way of communicating ideas. My philosophy is simple in that; every living subject has a personality or soul. Any subject, even a grain of sand, has a physical presence that reflects light and defines shadow. A great photographic style encourages an audience to appreciate the image beyond only form and color. 

Living in Southern Arizona, a region of the Northern Sonoran Desert provides fantastic moments in nature. My photography of spiders and scorpions are viewed globally. I created a virtual online gallery called the “Nature of Fear”. This is a visual introduction of our smaller neighbors, that are essential to the Desert ecosystem. I also created extensive photographic collections of local pollinators (butterflies and moths). I’m actively involved in projects related to “Photographers for Conservation," a volunteer action and awareness effort to end species extinction. 

Much of my work concerns “Event and CON ” related subjects. I love history and the nostalgia of past centuries. And, I'm also inspired by my maternal Croatian heritage, a land richly steeped in Western history. Photography shares my passion for the diversity of Medieval, Renaissance and Adriatic cultures. It’s also my privilege of introducing all things fantastic, real or imagined, through visual experience. I like to think, “ Digital magic in the mundane world”.  My photography includes Renaissance Festival, Comic Con, Steampunk, Belly Dance and Music/stage performing artists. Every photograph is a front row seat. 


Published work available through "artmastersworks”. I also have a “limited" number of photographer’s signed copies. The price is $15.00 + Ship and Handling fees based on destination ( domestic or international ). I use paypal.com for your convenience and security.  Email for total cost: photosbyraven@gmail.com

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This year I received many requests to expand viewer access and availability. After careful consideration, I'm pleased to announce the new  "Fine Arts America" site.  The direct link is http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/rick-hirschl.html. Fine Arts America is perfectly suited to our  7/24/360 wired world. My decision meets the diverse possibilities that digital art offers to consumers. Here art and services are available "on demand”.  Most of my photography is suitable for the FAA product line.  If you don’t see what you want, please ask.   photosbyraven@gmail.com  ). 

Useful links: 

Steampunk Guide to Events 

About this Photo:  Wild Wild West Steampunk CON
( WWWC 4)   Old Tucson Studios  ~ 2015   
Steampunk Adventure  - “the Steam Engine ".  
With the Lady Absinthe . 

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